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Setting a new standard in chlorinator reliability


  • 5 Years
  • 2 years on power pack only
  • 5 years on cell (3 years full + 2 years pro rata) More info.


  • Diagnostic LED display
  • Ultra robust
  • Retrofits ALL major brands
  • User friendly intelligent diagnostic LED display
  • Specifically engineered ventilation and heat dispersion to maximise reliability
  • Swivel Multifit Coupling allowing retro fitting to all major brands without moving pipe locations
  • Stainless steel insect mesh to eliminate failure due to ingress of insects & geckos
  • Sleek modern design
  • Dual settings: Manual and Automatic
  • Ultra robust construction
  • Easy to use timer
  • Low Maintenance
  • Energy Efficient
  • Fully adjustable chlorine control
  • Chlorine output monitor
  • Reverse Polarity self cleaning electrode
  • Easy installation on new or existing pools
  • Australian Made + Designed
  • Full Closeloop Control System
  • Auto high & low Mineral or Salt Level Monitoring

Designed and built to be the most reliable and durable Chlorinator on the market.

Feature packed and designed to be installed and just simply run for years.

The innoChlor is the culmination of the Evolve Group’s award-winning world-class product developer’s and Poolrite’s rich history in the Australian and international pool industry, spanning four decades.

The innoChlor incorporates the most robust reliable components, cutting edge technologies, intuitive interface and intelligent design to create a low maintenance, easy to use salt and mineral chlorinator.

The Poolrite innoChlor sets a new standard in the industry by which all other chlorinators will be judged.


Simplicity meets sophistication

The easiest & most intuitive display system ever seen on a chlorinator.

The key here is simplistic operation for the home owner and rapid fault finding and repair for the pool technician.

As a home owner, or the person in charge of keeping your pool clean and running well, being able to easily operate your chlorinator and maintain your pool is what you can now expect from your new Poolrite equipment.

Incorporating simple and easy to use analog timers, LED displays, cutting edge componentry and world class engineering, the home owner or pool technician can easily set up and operate the chlorinator for many years of fault free operation.

The intuitive LED Display clearly communicates the pool’s operating status. Specific colour codes inform the user of salt or mineral levels, fault occurrences  or even when the cell just simply requires cleaning.

Using this system, the home owner is able to perform basic system diagnosis and correction. If a technician is required to inspect the chlorinator, the operator can inform the technician of the colour code displayed allowing immediate diagnosis. The technician is then able to bring any required parts on the first site visit, saving time and money, getting your pool back up and running sooner.

Eliminating failure modes

A step into the future by reflecting on the failures of the past.

By going back to the drawing board and looking at core failure modes of all chlorinators (including old Poolrite units), we were able to build a clear understanding of ‘what not to do’.

Evolve Group’s fresh perspective of the swimming pool industry means we’re not constrained to utilising existing tooling, components, electrical designs or even people for that matter. We have utilised industry best practises and experts in their eld across mechanical, electrical, industrial engineering and design to produce a product without the failures of the past.

Poolrite recommends using  Recycled glass media.