innoSphere Media Filter

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  • 10 years on tank
  • 1 year on valve & internals. More info.


  • 630mm (25") Diameter with innoValve
  • Ultra robust one piece seamless tank
  • Unique flexibile structure engineered to give an unprecedented fatigue life of 3-4 times longer than any competing pool tank
  • The only liquid blow-moulded pool filter in the world
  • The patented liquid blow moulding process triples the polymer’s strength, making it pound for pound twice the strength of steel
  • Up to 70% lighter than other tanks on the market, making installation a breeze
  • Made from 100% recyclable PET (polyethylene terephthalate) closed loop / renewable material featuring UV and chemical stabilisation
  • New innoValve Multiport Valve
  • Cleverly designed dispersion inlet overdrain for smooth even flow of water into the filter tank
  • All non-corrosive construction
  • Australian designed & manufactured 

World first, game changing technology. The highest quality and most cost effective one piece pool filter tank ever created. 

The Poolrite innoSphere is extremely lightweight and easy to handle, while being the strongest tank on the market of its kind with an unprecedented fatigue resistance. 

With it’s seamless one piece blow moulded tank, designed for maximum strength through patented technology, the Poolrite innoSphere is the most affordable Australian made polymer tank on the market.

Geodetic influence 

The Poolrite innoSphere takes heavy architectural influence by the incredible geodetic structural, bringing to the pool owner the confidence and security of the strongest sphere design there is. 

In time, as the innoSphere begins to settle in it’s environment, these triangular lines will disperse after the repeated processes of filtering your pool under pressure. This process gradually increases the tank’s threshold over time.

The process: 

Turning steel wool into high tensile steel cable 

Utilising the knowledge and experience of the Evolve Group as world leading product developers and professionals in all things plastic, the Poolrite innoSphere tank uses a specifically designed closed loop, UV and chemically stabilised polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and a unique, never seen before in the swimming pool industry, patented liquid blow moulding process. 

Polymer, from an atomic state, is a relaxed cluster of fibres and strands with infrequent lengths and inconsistent strengths - somewhat resembling a steel wool structure. These fibres, due to their varying lengths, each have a unique breaking point allowing a weakness in the structure. 

Through our patented liquid blow moulding process we influence the polymer into aligning and stretching the individual fibres to resemble steel cable and giving the material a singular purpose, banding together and forming the strongest pool filter material in the world, creating a outward strength that exceeds it’s own weight in steel 2 times over.

Designed to suit the award winning 

V2000 Multiport Valve

(innoSphere comes supplied with innoValve)


  • German manufactured pressure gauge
  • 50mm ports and large diameter valve for greater water flow and quieter operation
  • Domed top cover to prevent debris building up around valve stem for easy operation and longevity
  • 50mm plumbing unions allowing quick connection and simplified servicing with reducers to 40mm
  • Over moulded gaskets to prevent spider gasket blow outs 


Poolrite recommends using  Recycled glass media.