Enduro Gemini Twin Speed Pump Series

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  • Up to three 2
  • 1 Year electronics (controls)
  • 1 Year mechanical seal More info.


  • Ability to run pump during off peak electricity times.
  • Super quiet operation in all installations.
  • Proudly Australian designed & manufactured.
  • Extremely reliable and proven induction motor technology for longevity

Utilising the efficiency of the Gemini Twin Speed motor combined with the cost-effective manufacturing of the Enduro Pump, the Poolrite Gemini-Enduro pump significantly reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions while keeping initial setup costs considerably lower.

Unlike most multi-speed pumps the Gemini Twin is powered by a traditional induction motor that has been proven to stand the test of time. Most other ECO pumps on the market are DC. The Gemini Twin is a standard AC electric motor with a high & low speed winding.

The Enduro Gemini has the same plumbing as all model EP Poolrite pumps so it will slot straight in.

The Poolrite Gemini is a two speed pump. To get the most savings, you should run it on low speed. The only time you need to use high speed is for backwashing or for vacuuming your pool.

Facts are that a typical 1.25HP pool pump costs approximately $600 per year to operate. The Gemini Twin, like all multi-speed pumps can slash these costs if operated effectively. But with the added benefits of proven motor technology and simple operation.