Diamond Kleen Glass Filtration Media

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  • Environmentally friendly; reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Made from 100% recycled material.
  • Longer lifetime (by up to 3 times).
  • Exceptional cleaning ability; significantly reducing chemical usage.
  • Less likely to block or channel; better filtration.
  • Saves energy through easier pump loads and extended pump life.

Diamond Kleen™ is the only glass filtration media that has been treated with our industrial autoclaving sterilisation process. All other non-sterilised glass tested contained harmful levels of ecoli, fecal chloroforms and other dangerous bacteria.

Diamond Kleen™ is an integral part of any quality filtration system, it provides superior water flow reducing pressure with outstanding results. Ideally, working in conjunction with the mineral pool occultation process, amalgamating finer parts together which are caught in the filter, is also effective with salt systems. When compared to a sand, zeolite, D.E. filter or cartridge filters, Diamond Kleen™ filtration typically can save between 2,000 and 10,000 litres of water per year. The larger spaces between the particles allow for a more efficient water flow. This efficiency also results in a reduction of electrical power required, therefore lowering the amount of carbon emissions.

It’s All About Water Flow

The better the flow rate through your pool’s filter, the more water you circulate each minute or hour. Simply by increasing your water ow rate with Diamond Kleen™, cumulative energy savings can be realised with more effective filtration.

Reduced Bacteria Growth

Tests prove that regular filter media can provide a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. The smooth surface of Diamond Kleen™ discourages bacteria growth within your filter making Diamond Kleen™ the safer and smarter choice.


Comparative Performance Analysis of Crushed Recycled Glass as Granular Filtration Media in Swimming Pool Water Treatment.

Report Prepared by Jennifer-Leigh Campbell

“The Diamond Kleen produced better turbidity reduction and particle removal. Based on the results Diamond Kleen was deemed more efficient theoretically and experimentally than traditional sand and zeolite media for use as swimming pool granular filtration media.”

Compatible filters

Diamond Kleen™ is ideal for all media filters.


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Comparative Performance of Diamond Kleen Report