Revive - Balanced Multi-Mineral Formula

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Revive® is the World's first scientifically proven transdermal multi-mineral absorption formula for swimming pools.

Poolrite pioneered the research of transdermal magnesium absorption in the swimming pool industry, revolutionising the swimming experience. Revive® represents the next generation of advanced mineral and trace element science.


Brisbane Broncos Find The Edge In Recovery With Revive® By Poolrite.

Brisbane Broncos High-Performance Manager Jeremy Hickmans provides the inside word on the benefits of using Revive® by Poolrite during the team’s recovery process. 


For the first time ever, our team have scientifically proven that topically applied magnesium and other minerals can permeate through the skin, providing significant long-term health benefits.

The Revive® formulation provides biologically significant concentrations of vital minerals to help restore the body’s natural equilibrium whilst relaxing in your pool.

Poolrite’s Revive® Balanced Mineral System is the world’s first scientifically backed mineral product for your pool that has clinically proven benefits for not just your skin and hair, but your entire body.

Swimming in a Revive® pool relieves stress and anxiety, moisturises your skin, improves water clarity, and helps with your overall well-being.

Contains 33% more magnesium than all other mineral pool products tested

Contains essential trace elements such as iodine and boron that are critical for improved metabolism and mineral retention

Revive® was developed to offer a better quality and more affordable solution to allow every pool owner to experience the proven benefits of a Revive® multi-mineral swimming pool.



    • Balanced Multi-Mineral Formula
    • 100% natural transdermal multi-mineral pool formula
    • Child & Infant Friendly
    • Crystal Clear Water
    • Formulated to supplement more natural minerals required by human body than any other pool product on the market, in addition to sanitising the pool
    • Leave your pool feeling clean and fresh - no need to shower afterwards
    • Benefits Skin Conditions
    • Moisturises Skin and Hair
    • Australian Made


    Our body contains about 25 grams of magnesium, most of which is present in the bones. Ageing, eating habits and lifestyle are some of the factors that influence the levels of magnesium in our body, and it has recently come to light that a majority of the population are deficient in this mineral resulting in a cascade of deteriorating health. Magnesium catalyses a number of biological processes including energy production, DNA synthesis, and anti-inflammatory reactions, that are essential for the effective functioning of the body. Providing our body with the required amounts of magnesium through food or supplements can alleviate or prevent diseases that occur due to its deficiency. In addition to improving skin health, transdermal magnesium is gaining importance as it directly enters systemic circulation, by avoiding the first-pass effect.


    Revive® is the first multi-mineral blend of its kind developed based on scientific proof and empirical data, while pool minerals that are currently available in the market largely base their claims on anecdotes about the therapeutic benefits of swimming in mineral-rich water bodies such as the Dead Sea. The formulation contains essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, sodium, boron and iodine, in biologically relevant proportions that need to be constantly replenished to sustain important biological functions and maintain homeostasis in the body. Our mineral blend is developed by carefully considering the number of essential minerals that exist in nature, that is required by the human body and on the basis of current lifestyle, at the same time fulfilling the criteria for maintaining a sanitised and healthy swimming pool. For topically applied minerals to have beneficial aspects on health, their permeation through the skin is a critical precondition. With Revive®, we have optimised the concentration of minerals for transdermal absorption by your body, to provide health benefits from the first day of its use. Read more