Poolrite Xtreme Chlorinator

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Poolrite Xtreme Chlorinators
Designed and built to be the most reliable
and durable Chlorinator on the market

The XTreme chlorinator is designed and manufactured in Australia to suit our XTreme conditions using only quality electrical components and commercial grade cell materials.

Using industry-proven technology, the XTreme’s embedded micro-controller delivers an intelligent and responsive system not only for our commercial users but also for our domestic customers that is efficient, reliable, and easy to operate.

The XTreme takes into account your water temperature and salinity to help maintain the correct chlorine levels in your pool, simply enter your settings on the LCD display, and it’s that easy.

The self-cleaning cell is a standard inclusion with the XTreme saltwater chlorinator, helping to reduce maintenance while saving you time and money. A compact fully sealed design built for Australian conditions.

Poolrite recommends using  minerals


Poolrite recommends using  Recycled glass media.



✓  Clever micro-controller

✓  Easy to operate and program

✓  Easy to read backlit display

✓  Display brightness control

✓  Self-cleaning cell

✓  Super-chlorinate mode

✓  Spa mode

✓ Backwash function

✓ Salt measure

✓ Pump protection

✓ Water temperature

✓ Accurate chlorine control

✓ Automatic power reduction when salt high

✓ Super capacitor for timer backup

✓ Extra-large cell surface for prolonged life

✓ Proven high-quality cell material

✓ Works with any 230/240V Pump

✓ Stainless grade 304 mounting bracket with quick release pins


Suitable for both Mineral & Triditonal Salt Pools
3500 - 7000PPM

Sizing your XTreme Chlorinator
Allow 1gram for every 2000ltrs of pool water
eg: 50,000ltr = 25grams ( XT25 )



 Model Chlorine production
XT15 15 Grams/Hour
XT20 20 Grams/Hour
XT25 25 Grams/Hour
XT30 30 Grams/Hour
XT50 50 Grams/Hour
XT75 75 Grams/Hour
XT100 100 Grams/Hour




✓ 4 years on power pack

✓ 4 years or 10,000hrs on the cell (whichever comes first)