A word from the new National Sales Manager

Hi Everyone,

Today I joined the team at Evolve as National Sales Manager for Poolrite.

Coming from my previous role as National Business Development Manager with Zodiac, I hope to add further industry knowledge and experience with a view to give a strategic sales direction for the Poolrite brand for the years ahead.

The challenge to join the team at Evolve and reignite an Australian brand with such heritage in the industry is incredibly exciting. Together we look forward to continuing to offer high quality products and a customer first mentality as we continue to build, re-establish and expand, our core network of Poolrite customers.

As Key Account Manager, Melissa Hudson will continue to be the primary contact for the customers that have helped rebuild Poolrite over the last few years. Mel will also play a key role in keeping the operations side of the business up to date with her knowledge and experience in that area.

I look forward to establishing contact and working with you all,

Kind Regards,

Dale Collins

Contact Poolrite by the Evolve Group today:
Phone 07 3283 1196 or Email  poolrite@evolvegrp.com