Press Release: Evolve Group wins 2017 Good Design® Award for Poolrite innoSphere

Press Release: Evolve Group wins 2017 Good Design® Award for Poolrite innoSphere

12 June 2017

ENTRY: Poolrite innoSphere by Evolve Group
CATEGORY: Product Design, Hardware and Building


Evolve Group wins 2017 Good Design® Award for Poolrite innoSphere

The Good Design Awards Ceremony on June 8 at the Overseas Passenger Terminal (OPT) in Sydney announced Evolve Group the winner of 2017 Good Design Award for Poolrite innoSphere. After an extensive evaluation process involving more than 35 design experts including 244 entries, the Jury awarded Evolve Group’s Poolrite innoSphere this years design award in Product Design: Hardware and Building category.

On receiving the Good Design® Selection for Poolrite innoSphere, the Jury commented: “Game changer. The Poolrite filter is not only a beautifully designed object - it is an exemplar to designers and manufacturers all over the world in plastic re-use and recycling. In a world where the use of plastics is having a detrimental impact on our environment”.

Managing Director and founder Ty Hermans said the win was incredibly exciting to be honoured for the Good Design Award as it’s an amazing tribute to how important this product development and innovation is to the world. Our passion for design whilst contributing to saving the planet is everything to us.

Last year, Evolve Group took out the prestigious Good Design Award of the Year, the highest design honour in the country for the Flow Hive, an innovative beekeeping device that has taken the world by storm.

Mr Hermans explained to Dr Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia and Chair of the Good Design Awards program that he got very interested in ocean plastics a number of years ago, particular in identifying ways to tackle the problem at hand.

“With Evolve Group ultimately being a large plastics products manufacturer, it’s something I am deeply concerned about. So I started by ensuring that no product that we produce in our facility is single use. Then the team went about looking at ways we can not only recycle single use plastics, but more importantly how we eliminate them from the waste stream, effectively locking them into products that last a very long time, and ultimately can never end up in the horrific ocean plastics cycle. This is where Poolrite innoSphere was born. We take hundreds of single use PET bottles and thousands of bottle caps to make a single innoSphere filtration tank that can last 20-30 years, and then be recycled again itself. We are already working on the design of the next products that can use this technology such as Beer Kegs and other similar containers. We can’t stop people using single use plastics any time soon, but we can lock away the materials once they are used and stop them from entering the oceans and landfills”

View the 2017 Good Design Award® winning entry for Poolrite innoSphere here.

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